Thursday, August 29, 2013

Faith in the Fall

The other day I picked up materials for a fall bulletin board at church.  Doing this I remembered a little story a co-worker shared about his family who emigrated from South America to New York State.

It was the fall and all the trees were turning glorious colors and, as it so happens, the leaves were falling as they always do.  He and his family were used to living on the Equator where there is no changing of the seasons.  So his mother lamented, “What is wrong with this country? All the trees are dying!” 

We smile at this remark. But really, isn’t it a matter of faith?  Knowledge, too--but faith!  Every year nature progresses through the life cycle--new birth in spring, growth in summer, harvest in fall, rest in winter. 

Faith.  Believe that things may look bleak and are sure to become even bleaker, but new life will come again in the spring.